I love to cook and I want to help you learn how

Welcome to my new blog, crunchymamascookinglessons.wordpress.com!  I am looking forward to helping you learn to cook tasty, healthy, natural, whole foods!  My food philosophy is that of the Weston A. Price Foundation (http://www.westonaprice.org/abcs-of-nutrition/health-topics).  I’ve been on this traditional foods journey since November 2006 when I tasted my first sip of raw milk from a local grass based dairy farmer.  I highly value organic, whole foods with an emphasis on pastured animal products including organ meats and organic veggies.  While I do grind my own organic wheat flour and bake my family’s bread, I am currently trying to reduce our grain consumption and increase our veggie consumption.


About thecrunchymamachronicles

I'm a woman obsessed with the amazing, everlasting, lavish, never-failing LOVE of the Heavenly Father through Jesus. It's my favorite thing to meditate on and to write about. His expression of love has radically transformed me from a joyless, miserable person to the me who is full of joy and love for others because of my radical identity as the beloved of God. I am devoted to my husband and to gently parenting our three boys with Jesus as my model of the ultimate gentle parent.
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